Breaking Bad - Meth Candy - 1oz - Includes Los Pollos Hermanos Mini Tub!

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    (Walter's special Sky Blue)


    Awful Heisenberg impressions aside folks, we're just a couple of Breaking Bad fans who have decided, while waiting (an eternity) for the final episodes, to put together a novelty product that fans like us would love to own. We are selling 2.25 inch x 2.25 inch bags of "blue sky" cotton candy, that look remarkably like the product used in the show!

    We are perfectionists and wanted a color that was as close as possible to the show, so you wont be disappointed!

    Also, we must say that the sweets may have been made in a factory that produces other products with nuts, so there may be traces! We don't want anyone doing a 'Jane' on us!

    In homage to our man Gus Fring, we will package your product inside a miniature Los Pollos Hermanos fry batter Tub just like on the show. So F'ing cool.

    These tubs have taken us a while to get right, but we're confident that you'll love it. You can store your 'blue sky' in it, have it on your desk, or give them out after a Breaking Bad themed party. These tubs cannot be found anywhere else! A great memento from a great show!

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